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Deep Sea midi skirt

$59.99 - $61.99

An array of luminescent sea creatures from the dark depths of the ocean. A design in black, grey and muted red, with matching roomy, silky deep red pockets!

Fabric: 88% polyester/ 12% spandex blend. It's soft, stretchy, airy and medium-light weight. The current fabric has a silkier look to it with a bit of a sheen, while the previous material was more matte. It should also be more durable for washing and wear!

The pockets are roomy, should fit phones, wallets and even a switch!


There are three sizes available. Midi skirts will generally reach around knee length to mid-calf length on most people if worn at the waist, but sizing will vary individually. There's a bit of overlap between the sizes, so check the measurements in the chart for more detailed info to see which fit you prefer!

The size tag on your skirt will be the largest size in each size range! (example: "S-L" will have a tag that says "L")

Payment via credit card/ stripe is preferred, especially for larger orders! Paypal is still available as a backup.

International/ non-US orders: In the event of lost/returned packages, the shipping portion of your order is nonrefundable. Thank you for your understanding!